Executive MBA in Logistics and Market Management

Title: Specialist

Lenght of study: 8 to 18 months

Category: Online learning education program

Requirement: Professionals graduated in several areas of knowledge, directly or indirectly linked to Logistics Management and its processes in companies and organizations.

About the course

The course enables the professional to work in the logistics and market management areas. It provides technical qualification and specific knowledge related to the management and analysis of logistical operations, such as transportation, storage, warehouse control, suppliers, and customers. It also provides a perspective of the several functions and applications of logistic activities, such as competitive differentiation. Such measures allow the reduction of costs and the increase in revenue for companies and organizations.

 Related subjects

  • Scientific research and production
  • Logistic and competitive strategy
  • Integrated information management and distribution channels
  • Relationship management and market behavior
  • Strategic storage management
  • Strategic transport and distribution management


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