Executive MBA in Public Management

Title: Specialist

Lenght of study: 8 to 18 months

Category: Online learning education program

Requirement: Graduated professionals who already work, or intend to work in public segment positions, or private enterprise professionals who perform functions related to the direct or indirect public administration.

About the course

The course enables the student to perform administrative and managerial functions in the public segment, comprising the specificities of each of the public spheres: municipal, state and federal.

Using a program that employs concepts and techniques derived from the administrative, financial, personnel, and environmental management areas towards the public area, the graduated professional will be qualified to implement an efficient management model with operational excellence.

Related Subjects

  • Scientific research and production
  • Public policies, ethics, and social responsibility
  • Strategic planning in public management
  • Business management and public accounting
  • Management for public-private partnerships

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