Master's Degree Program in Physiotherapy

Title: Master’s Degree

Lenght of study: 2 years


 The Academic Master’s Degree program in Physiotherapy, with the “Physiotherapy in Functional Health” concentration area, features the general objective of forming researchers and teachers at master’s degree level, considering that functional health is highlighted as a confluence spot of knowledge, practices, and technologies committed with surpassing traditional physiotherapeutic models and their emphasis in the curative performance.

 Program’s research lines and teacher projects intend to investigate, describe and analyze epidemiologic, biological, molecular and structural aspects associated with the functionality of the musculoskeletal and cardiorespiratory system, as well as proposing physiotherapeutic interventions into different healthcare levels at all lifecycles.   Then, it intends to evaluate, maintain, prevent, promote, and rehabilitate each individual’s functionality during all lifecycles, allowing functional independence, greater productivity time, and lower overload to the welfare system and health services.


Form teachers/researchers and professionals at Academic Master’s Degree level in Physiotherapy, with scientific knowledge for assessment and intervention actions, comprising musculoskeletal, cardiovascular and respiratory system functionality at different healthcare levels

Target audience

 Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Physical Educators, Psychologists, Engineers, and other professionals from similar areas.

Graduated student's profile

 The graduated student’s profile, considering the specificities of the research lines inserted in the concentration area, will be of a professional capable of:

  • Work as a critical-reflexive, ethical researcher and committed with interdisciplinary character professional actions, associated with its actuating area and qualified for teaching.
  • Develop new techniques and instruments in the functional health physiotherapeutic practice, based in scientific evidences.
  • Apply assessment methods, techniques and instruments, and functional health intervening protocols with scientific base.


Graduated in Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Education, Psychology, Engineering, and other similar areas.

Concentration area:   

Functional Health Physiotherapy: Study musculoskeletal, cardiovascular and respiratory system assessment and intervention processes, in order to achieve technological development and innovations in Physiotherapy and its applicability into functionality, considering the different healthcare levels (promotion, preventions, treatment, and rehabilitation).

Research Lines


  • Research Line 1:   Physiotherapy Assessment and Intervention in musculoskeletal system

 Investigate, describe and analyze epidemiologic, biological, structural, psychosocial aspects associated with the functionality of the musculoskeletal system; develop, adapt, and validate measuring instruments and protocols, as well as propose interventions at different healthcare levels.

  • Research Line 2:   Cardiovascular and respiratory Physiotherapy Assessment and Intervention

 Investigate, analyze and describe biological, physiopathological, clinical, functional and behavioral aspects associated with cardiovascular and respiratory systems; propose and apply physiotherapeutic interventions at different healthcare levels.


  • Physiotherapy Research Laboratory
  • Corporal Imaging Laboratory
  • Laboratory:   Women’s Health

Saúde da mulher - DSC_0009

  • Laboratory:   Physiotherapy Research in Community Health Nucleus
  • Human Movement Analysis Laboratory

Laboratório de Análise do Movimento Humano -DSC_0046

  • Kinetic Functional Cardiorespiratory Diagnosis Laboratory

Laboratorio de Diagnostico Cinético Funcional Cardiorrespiratório - DSC_0033

  • Cardiorespiratory Intervention and Rehabilitation Laboratory

Laboratório de Intervenção e Reabilitação Cardiorespiratória - DSC_0014

  • Muscular Training Laboratory
  • Multipurpose Research Laboratories
  • Therapeutic Swimming-Pool Laboratory

Piscinas Terapêuticas - DSC_0023

  • Morphofisiology Laboratory

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