Graduate Degree in Strategic Communication Management

Title: Specialist

Lenght of study: 18 months

Category: Classroom course

Requirement: Undergraduate degree in Journalism, Publicity and Advertising, and Public Relations. Also for professionals working in internal and external communication processes at companies and organizations in general, or those who wish to join the area. Professionals with an undergraduate degree in different areas who work as managers in organization processes are also accepted.

About the course

The Strategic Communication Management course was designed to enable professionals with an undergraduate degree to play important roles in internal and external communication processes at companies and organizations in general by qualifying them for planning processes and strategic communication management within organizations.

The course consists of the presentation and discussion of some fundamentals and assumptions of the communication process that are necessary for the organizational context of different sectors of the society. It also provides knowledge focused on relevant aspects of marketing, advertising, culture, and organizational management processes, as well as various internal and external communication tools, enabling an efficient development of comprehensive actions in the area with ethics and responsibility.

The qualified professional will be able to work in charge of actions of relationships and communication with the strategic public and the communication management process.


  • Communication Theories: Subjectivity and Reception
  • Organizational Culture
  • Organizational Management
  • Institutional Communication, Advertising, and Marketing
  • Strategic Communication Management
  • Communication Tools
  • Communication Planning
  • Digital Communication Process and Management
  • Communication Writing and Editing within Organizations
  • Visual Communication
  • Press Advisory
  • Media Training
  • Scientific Method
  • Communication Product Development
  • Monograph (not included in the course hours)

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